“Project 180 came into my life when I needed a program.”

“I was facing five years in State Prison, so I took the program instead of prison. And how it has changed my life! It has taught me how to live my life clean and sober. By going to the groups, they have also showed me how to deal with people. By having holiday parties, we were not alone. This year was the first year I got to spend with my family. Project 180 made this possible. They helped me pay for the trip so I could see my family.  How is my life now?  I have my own place and I have 17 months sober. That’s with the help of Project 180 staff.”

CODC Client

“My hat goes off to the staff at Project 180.”

Before I came into the program, I was a lost man, not knowing in what direction my life would turn. I’ve been incarcerated for many years and on drugs and alcohol. My life as a gang member led me to places I don’t want to go back to today. Project 180 has taught me about honesty, trust, direction and about my inner self. I no longer live the life of a man with no purpose. Life is short and I now want to live it to the fullest- clean and sober. I thank Project 180 for caring for a man who once didn’t care about himself.” 

RSAT Community Program 

“I was homeless for two years when I was arrested for cocaine possession. When I went to court, I took a program and thankfully they sent me to Project 180.” 

I learned how to be a lot more responsible. It was very hard for me at first. But Project 180 helped me and showed me how to get back on track.  There were a lot of times when I felt like leaving the program and almost did! I stayed because of support from the other people in the program, my sponsor, my substance abuse counselor, my case worker, and the rest of the staff here at Project 180. I thank the “system” and Project 180 for all their help. Thank you.” 

 CODC Client

“My name is D. and today I work at Project 180. I am also a member of the Peers Program.” 

I had spent 20 years in and out of drug programs. I went to jail, and then ended up at Project 180. And for the first time in my life, I got help with my addiction and mental problems. I love my job and never thought I could have the life I have today.” 

CODC Client


Client Q&A

What do you wish you knew then, that you know now?
“I wish I knew about all the resources that Project 180 has for clients; the groups, medical assistance, and housing.”

How long have you been at Project 180?
“I was a client for like two years, but I graduated about three years and nine months ago. I graduated, but to be honest with you, I liked this place so much I didn’t want to get discharged.”

How has Project 180 helped you?
“It has helped me in a multitude of ways. This place made me re-evaluate myself and it made me deal with reality. The material covered in group related to my problems, and the questions I was asked concerned me and made me think about my situation. Project 180 also provided me with a safe place to hang out and socialize with others. It completed me.”

What tools do you have now, that you didn’t have then?
“I have patience. I have learned to observe and to listen. Before I didn’t have any money management skill and now I do.”