Turning Lives Around 
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Launched in 2006, Project 180 is a forensic treatment agency, offering comprehensive diversion and re-entry programs to offenders. We consider ourselves a “one stop shop,” providing virtually all services in-house as we strive to reduce recidivism and improve the quality of life for our clients. Through our care and support, individuals previously involved in the criminal justice system have the opportunity to recapture their dreams and their futures.

Project 180 is committed to providing our clients with comprehensive one-on-one and group treatment. We believe in the power of individual connections and peer support to create sustained, viable and effective treatment. 

We are a team of mental and behavioral health professionals, substance counselors, social workers and peer advocates that work in concert to help clients reach their goals. Our services include: intensive case management, individual and group behavior modification, therapy and substance counseling, housing, benefits support, family reunification, supportive employment, education preparation and placement, and psychiatric and medication support. We constantly strive to be on the cutting edge of treatment, delivering services that are evidence-based and taking a holistic approach to client care with groups from Moral Reconation Therapy to Mindfulness and programs such as Peer Mediation. In addition, we offer family/couples therapy, communication and conflict training, assistance with parenting classes and child reunification support. Our vibrant Alumni Association meets regularly and serves as a living example of the power of our programs. 
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